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Volissos village is located 40 kilometers away from the city of Chios. It is the biggest village of the north-west part of the island with 500 inhabitants.

A small tourist industry operates in the village offering everything you may need: restaurants, cafes, mini-markets, ATMs, post-office, police department, health clinic and pharmacy.

The castle of Volissos and a small museum at the village square are the main sightseeing places. There are several Byzantine churches in the area surrounding the village, too.

According to tradition, Volissos is the birthplace of Homer. Several scientists also state that the great poet wrote “Vatrachomiomachia”, a parody of Iliad, while he lived in this place.

The port of Volissos is called Limnia.

There are many beaches close to the village. Beaches of Managros, Magemena, Gonia, Lefkathia and Limnos are all situated about 2 km distance long.

If you are staying in Volissos during August, you can enjoy the local festivals that take place on August 6th and 15th.

The Volissos area is a good place for nature lovers who can go hiking following a path starting close to the village, that will give you the opportunity to discover the rare flora, rich in colours and aromas.


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