Chios ~ The fragrant island

Mavra Volia

Mavra Volia (Black Pebbles) is a very special beach unlike any other you have seen in the world. What makes it special are its pebbles: they are all coloured black because of a volcano explosion many years ago.

This beach, also known as Mavros Gyalos is located south-west, about 30 kms away from the city of Chios and is near Emporios village. The water is crystal-clear, deep and usually cold and its colour is deep blue becaus of the colour of the pebbles. The beach is divided into two parts, the second one is also known as Foki.

Psaronas is the name of the (now inactive) volcano located near Mavra Volia. The black, rounded, shiny pebbles of the beach are the result of the volcano's explosion in the ancient times.

The small port of Emporios is next to Mavra Volia. You can find cafes, tavernas but also some rooms to let there.

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