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Viki is a small mountainous village in northern Chios, located 40 kilometers from the city. It is built on the northern side of the highest mountain of the island, Pelinnaio, at an altitude of 360 meters. It is about 2.5 km away from the sea.

The village's name probably comes from the manufacture of certain types of pots, called "vikis". (In ancient Greek, a glass pot which held one liter of oil was called "viki".

Viki has about 99 local residents whose main activity is agriculture. There are huge areas with olives and cherries near the village. In the past, traditional crops have been that of vine, cereal and almonds.

The main church of the village is dedicated to Virgin Mary, although there are some other churches in the village, like that of Aghia Paraskevi.

Viki is a great starting point for walks and climbs on Pelinnaio mountain.


38.578420680903, 26.013972760272


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