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Kardamyla is a village of northeast Chios, located 30 kilometers away from the city, of about 2000 people. It is built at the same spot as the ancient city Kardamyli, hence its name. This ancient city is mentioned by Thucydides (Greek historian).

Kardamyla have a long maritime history. It is the homeland of many Greek shipowners. That is why there is a nautical museum at the village. In recent years, several public buildings have been built thanks to donations from shipowners.

The settlement of Kardamyla is divided into two parts: "Ano Kardamyla" (Upper Kardamyla) is the oldest of the two settlements and it is built on a hill. The second settlement is Marmaro and is near the port of the village.

The narrow streets of Marble, ideal for walking, are part of the "island-ish" character of Chios.

There are many restaurants, cafes and hotels near the village, as well as the beaches of Nagos and Giosonas. Therefore Kardamyla is a great tourists' destination.


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