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Agiasmata spa

Agiasmata village is located on the north part of Chios island and is known for its spa. The hydrotherapy facilities include the hot springs and some rooms to let.

There are many visitors in Agiasmata spa during the summer season. The facilities are open from July until September. The temperature of the water springs of Agiasmata used for hydrotherapy is 57,5 °C and contains several metal elements (Ca-Mg-Na-K-HCO3-Cl-SO4). Furthermore, there is another water spring (Lefkandrias) used for drinking therapy of water temperature 24° C.

Hydrotherapy is recommended for patients who have conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica, rigidity, peripheral neuritis, tendonitis or chronic gynecological disorders.

The telephone number of the spa facilities is 2274021979.

You may find more information about Agiasmata in the "Thermae Agiasmata" website.

Agiasmata spa

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Agiasmata spa

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