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Traditional festivals

Traditional festivals (panigiria) have a leading role in the cultural life of Chios island every summer, transforming the island into a celebration land, especially in August.

The occasion is usually a religious celebration, as each village has a saint to honor. On the day of the feast, large tables are positioned at the square of the village. The festival starts at night, drink and food are plentiful and the celebration goes on until the morning time, accompanied by traditional music by local bands.

The major festivals, which are a reference point of the island, are the one of St. Markella on 22 of July and the one of Virgin Mary on August 15. Some other traditional feasts in Chios:

May 5: Agia Irini - Elata

May 8: Ag. Giannis Theologos - Kourounia

June 29: Petrou kai Paulou - Tholopotami

July 1: Agion Anargiron - Nenita, Potamia, Thymiana

July 6: Neochori

July 7: Ag Kyriaki - Kalamoti, Amades, Karyes

July 15: Katavasi

July 17: Ag Marina - Mirmigi, Fyta, Ververato, Kardamyla

July 20: Prophetis Elias - Kalamoti, Spartounda, Armolia, Kardamyla

July 22: Ag Markella - Ag. Markella, Volissos, Karyes, Lithi

July 26: Ag Paraskevi - Zifia, Kalamoti, Castello, Parparia, Chalandra

July 27: Ag. Panteleimon - Agios Georgios Sikousis, Vasileioniko, Monodendri Dafnonas, Kambia, Keramos

July 30: Ag. Anargiron - Thymiana

August 3: Flatsia

August 5: Christ eve - Kardamyla

August 6: Christ's - Ag. Georgios Sikousis, Vessa, Didima (exo) Tholopotami, Egrigoros, Volissos, Thymiana

August 7: Ag. Emilianos' eve - Mesta - Kallimasia

August 12: Ag Foteini - Neochori

August 14: Virgin Mary 's Eve - Kardamyla

Aug. 15: Virgin Mary 's - Kallimasia, Nenita, Dafnonas, Chalkios, St Georgios Sikousis, Volissos, Campos, Melanios

August 21: Ag Vassa - A.Vassa Neochori

August 22: Virgin Margy - Pyrgi, Agio Galas

August 29: Agiou Ioanni - St. Georgios Sikousis, Katarraktis, Ag. Giannis Ameri, Patrika

August 30: Agia Zoni - Kardamyla

September 1: Agiou Simeon - Trypes, Amades

September 2: Ag. Mamas - Aphrodisia

September 4: Agia Hermione - Thymiana

September 6: Taxiarhon - Nenitouria

September 8: Virgin Mary - Didimes (exo), Sykiada, Lithi, Elata, Leptopoda, Sykiada

Sept. 14: Tou Stavrou - Chalkios

September 15: Ag. Nikita - Armolia

September 26: Ag. Ioanni Theologou - Parparia, Kourounia

Traditional festivals (panigiria)
Traditional festival dance